November’s Doom – The Knowing (2 CD set)

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1. Awaken
2. Harmony Divine
3. Shadows Of Light
4. Intervene
5. Silent Tomorrow
6. In Faith
7. Searching The Betrayal
8. Last God
9. In Memories Past
10. The Day I Return
11. Aura Blue
12. Silent Tomorrow (Dark Edit)

Released 2000 on Dark Symphonies

Re-Release on The End Records 2010

Produced by Novembers Doom
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Wisco
Completed at Studio One, Racine, Wisconsin
Original Cover Art by Travis Smith

Re-Release cover art (pictured) by Tommy Genest
Design and Layout by Paul Kuhr
Music arranged by Novembers Doom
Music written by Eric Burnley & Larry Roberts
Lyrics by Paul Kuhr

Paul Kuhr – Vocals
Eric Burnley – Guitar, Keyboard
Larry Roberts – Guitar
Mary Bielich -Bass
Joe Nunez – Drums, Percussion

Additional Musicians
Sarah Wilson – Vocals
Sophie Kopecky – Voice

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