Nocturnal Pestilence – Fire & Shade

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Coming from the bohemian lands of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, the quartet practicing epic black metal symphonic, Nocturnal Pestilence, is a recent discovery and although originally formed in 2010, they are now beginning to conquer across borders from their homeland, a greater visibility and also notoriety.

They bring “Fire & Shade” as their latest album, the 3rd album of originals, released last March by Polymorphe Records (in physical format), and by Supraphon (in digital format).

“Fire & Shade” is composed of 7 audacious tracks that will gain several strands of audience, due to its stylistic characteristics of Black metal symphonic, deeply permeated by melodic Death Metal very much like Arch Enemy and the well achieved thrust in the epic direction to cost of clean voices and choirs.

Featuring a total of 43 minutes in length, this is an interesting record in which the battery effectively couples the sound of this disc and ricocheting frenetic rhythms and alternating cadences of fast riffs and powerchords .

Alternating also the duration of the subjects without taking them to the threshold of the exaggeration, there is a good work done with the vocal malleability of Alena Dark Zero that transmutes between Alena of clear and crystalline vocals and the Dark Zero of guttural portentsos.

Highlight of this “Fire & Shade” for the themes ‘Endless Desires’ and ‘Trapped in Destiny’. They also count on the special participation of Dahlien (Diligence) for the theme ‘The Perdition’ to appear as the first lyric video for this new record of Nocturnal Pestilence.

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