Neuropathy – A Purulent Mass Of Infant Cadavers

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Artist: Neuropathy
Album: A Purulent Mass Of Infant Cadavers
Label: Eyes Of The Dead Productions
Format: plastic sleeve CD-R
Genre: Gorenoise
Released: 2019
Location: Spain

1. Forensic Evidence Showing Obvious Collateral Murder
2. Buried Deep Withing The Bowels Of Dirt And Rubble
3. Fatal Head Split Resulting In Mass Blood Spill At The Family Gathering
4. Crippled Degenerates Experience Ignited Pulsating Pain From Flaming Shish-kebob
5. Gorged Bloat Explosion
6. Ulnar Artery Dissector
7. Retrogade Vascularisation Of Fibula
8. Incidence Of Occult Metastasis + Malignant Swelling Surgery

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