Necrotum – Defleshed Exhumation

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The pummeling 3rd full-length by this Romanian band. The rancid entity known as Necrotum was initiated by mainman Filip Garlonta (Putred, Demoted, Vorus) in Brasov, back in 2019. Despite the fact that the band has only been around for four years, Necrotum have already produced an impressive output, including two albums and a number of shorter releases, getting tighter, danker, heavier and more macabre over time, drawing inspiration from the likes of early Cannibal Corpse, Incantation, Wombbath, Broken Hope and Grave among others, with the sole intention of perpetuating ghastly, downtuned, no-frills Death fuckin´ Metal.

While it would be expected (and celebrated) if Necrotum stuck to those rancid guns, on their forthcoming third album, “Defleshed Exhumation”, do they become slicker and yet more twisted, tighter but also wilder, and ​perhaps more “evolved”… very relatively speaking! Because make no mistake, ​Necrotum are ​staunchly (and sickly!) Death Metal of a most 90´s vintage, but whereas their preceding full-lengths could be slotted within the pantheon of early 90´s Death Metal, “​Defleshed Exhumation” takes a concerted path ​toward mid or even late 90´s Death Metal. Think the likes of Monstrosity, Broken Hope, Mortal Decay, Deeds of Flesh and pre-breakup Suffocation: undeniably fierce and punishing, but technical in ​a creepy and oft-slimy way.

Not for nothing is the cover art created by Slimeweaver! Of especial note is the production on “Defleshed Exhumation”: this is about as slick and clean as you can get whilst retaining the core darkness and horror ​of classic ​Death Metal. If anything, those superlatively sharp edges only make that darkness and horror hit harder. Stomp in the slime and twist down into its depths with Necrotum!

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