Necrophile – Dissociated Modernity – 30th anniversary

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(ORCD 169) NECROPHILE / Dissociated Modernity –30th anniversary (CD)
Release date: 19th Nov 2021

1. Dissociated Modernity (2021 version)
2. Night of the Gloomy Narcissist (2021 version)
3. Ritual Of Death (2021 version)
4. Dissociated Modernity (1991 version)
5. Night of the Gloomy Narcissist (1991 version)
6. Ritual Of Death (1988 rehearsal)

Formed in 1987, NEC ROPHILE has been active since the dawn of the death metal scene in Japan and around the world. At the time of formation, the members were already interacting with the world death metal scene at the young age of 16.
2021 marks the 30th year since 1991, when he made his first American tour as a domestic death metal band. The “Dissociated Modernity” 7-inch EP released for the US tour is reprinted in CD format.
A 30th anniversary edition that includes a re-recorded version of the current members upon recurrence. In addition, the 1988 rehearsal sound source of “Ritual of Death”, which was composed for the first time as a NECROPHILE song, and the 2021 recording version are also included. It is an important piece in the history of death metal that connects the 30 years of 1991 and 2021

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