Nashgul – Oprobio

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The third full length of one of the best Spanish grindcore bands! Recorded, produced and mixed at Lucifixion Studios by Hector L, Mastered at Unisound AB by Dan Swano (EDGE OF SANITY, PAN.THY.MONIUM). Artwork by Luis Sendon Illustration & design (BIRDFLESH, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER, MACABRE).

1. Quien puede matar a un niño
2. Protocolo deus
3. Flay Off
4. The Fake
5. Immured
6. Sewers Across
7. VHS
8. Let ‘Em Rest
9. Fraga Rules from the Tomb
10. Los que deben seguir muertos
11. In My Gut
12. Rexa Vesania
13. A Entidade
14. Slump
15. Buried, But Still Alive
16. Rexeitamento

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