Mortal Dismay – Until Death

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With their third studio album, the Moscow death/thrash metal band continues its journey through dark musical worlds and antimatter. In a relatively short period of time the musicians led by Dmitry Molotov – the bassist of iconic Russian Hellraiser and Путь Солнца (Put’ Solntsa) broke out with the two coolest albums! The new CD features guest appearances from Destruction, Artillery, Hellraiser, Moray Eel, Mass Madness, Pitchblack, Путь Солнца (Put’ Solntsa), Гробовая Доска (Grobovaya Doska), Беркут (Berkut), Омела (Omela)! It’s a good demonstration of the caliber of the band indicative of its serious commitment to bringing the extreme music from the musical periphery it dwells now into the mainstream. MORTAL DISMAY keep on polishing their unique and inimitable sound, characterized by cunningly intertwined riffs and melodies ranging from slow and lingering to extremely fast, not lacking in blast beats, tempo changes and “awkward” harmonies!

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