Mindwars – Sworn to Secrecy

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MINDWARS was created in the fall of 2013 by the desire of two individuals who wanted to bring the sound of metal from the 1980s to the current power of today. Mike Alvord formerly of HOLY TERROR and Roby Vitari formerly of JESTER BEAST and HEADCRASHER, met by chance in 1989 when HOLY TERROR was touring Europe in support of their 1988 release Mind Wars. Roby originally from Southern Italy in the region of Calabria discovered that he had similar roots as Mike, being that his grandparents are from the same region. Approximately 25 years later Mike and Roby reconnected through the internet and discussed creating something musically that they both believe has been lost. The result is MINDWARS, a rebirth of speed/thrash metal with metal, punk, and rock influences. MINDWARS have released two full length albums, “THE ENEMY WITHIN” and “SWORN TO SECRECY”. The later was mixed and mastered with legendary metal producer Bill Metoyer. MINDWARS have followed up their studio releases with self‐funded tours of the southern US in 2014 and 2016 and Europe in 2016. They have another slate of shows scheduled for January 2017. MINDWARS are also currently working on their third studio release and are determined to take the band to the next level with a modernized sound both vocally and musically, while maintaining the roots of the speed/thrash sound.

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