Megakill Paranoise – Worldwide Kopalhen

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The second full-length album by a well-known in Ural-Volga region band from Ufa (Russia). The band keeps on playing thrash-core, however this time it is mixed with horror themes inspired by corresponding literature, horror movies and sci-fi. It’s a kind of tribute to the works of Lovecraft and Lucio Fulci with chthonic noises and groans of the dead. As compared to the debut, ‘Worldwide Kopalhen’ is more solid. This is a truly conceptual work. The musicians still stick to their line on all 8 tracks and do not shun various experiments and intrusions into the territories of symphonic black metal, synth pop and even jazz. The use of synths, saxophone and choirs in some songs does not compromise the extreme aspect of the music performed by the band, yet contributes to the apocalyptic atmosphere. ‘Worldwide Kopalhen’ can be recommended both to punk/hardcore fans and to the adepts of severe metal genres. Mastered by Sergey Lazar (CDM RECORDS).

Release date: 23.06.2023 | Format: (CD) | Genre: Horror / Thrash-core / Crossover

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