Masturbation with the Bible – Good Nuns Gone Dirty

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MASTURBATION WITH THE BIBLE from Venezuela are ready to present their new CD to the broadest possible audience with every note revealing the truth about aberrations that take place within the walls of the christian church. This is not a standard EP – it includes 6 absolutely new tracks recorded after the release of their debut full-length album and 6 old songs from the demo (2013) previously unreleased on physical media. 12 tracks of brutal sledgehammer death metal! The sound of the new material is indisputably more tough and heavy – the band mightily rams us down with low-frequency slamming pressure! The vocals are worth special mention: they are exquisitely diverse in their savage sonic eruption. Recorded, mixed and mastered in Massacre Studios. Logo and cover art by Jose Antonio Sanabria. Additional artwork and booklet layout by Marcel Molero.

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