Massgrave – Massgrave

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Canadian crust / grind in the style of Disrupt / old Napalm Death. New killer album.

The 2nd full-length release in 2011 by MassGrave from Vancouver, Canada, who have released splits with great artists from around the world such as In Disgust, Suffering Mind, Catheter, and PLF since their first title in 2003. A masterpiece that has established a style that can be called the perfect combination of Crust and Blast, backed by amazing performances that have been performed everywhere from festivals in various countries to squads. It’s a simple and cool song that attacks with D beats and blasts, centered on class riffs without any tricks that will impress even hardcore freaks, and each song has a lot of variety, probably because the bridges are well put together… The show ends with a cover of Capitalist Casualties. Recommended for both kids and heads.

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