Major Mistake – Foul Foundations

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Formed in the fall of 2018 when old bandmates Jussi and Joel wanted a new musical project together. Both wanted a band that is heavy, works efficiently and is not musically restricted by any rules. Guys came from metal and punk backgrounds and shared a lot of favorite bands from those genres. In a very short time Major Mistake put together 20 songs of Crusty Grindcore with some unique flavors. After their first demo “First Mistake”, Oskari joined for bassduties. “Off with a Warning” was released a month after the first demo.

Inspired by various crust punk, grindcore, death metal heavy metal bands, Major Mistake offers nasty riffs, mean melodies and total ear-drum annihilation.

“Foul Foundations” is a demo compilation of their first 2 demos released by Dismal Fate Records.

Major Mistake is:
Jussi – Guitar/Vocals
Joel – Drums/Additional vocals
Oskari – Bass

1. Massive Failure
2. Flirting with the Void
3. Grease Instinct
4. You Disagree (Hence You Die)
5. Joke’s on You
6. Exposed
7. Shallow Competition
8. Baby Factory
9. Small Man Big Fist
10. Psychopatic Control
11. Storm of Words
12. Shit in a Blanket
13. Blinded By Faith
14. Blood Constipation
15. World Police

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