Macabre Decay – Purgatory

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released July 16, 2018

Macabre Decay was founded in söderhamn sweden 2014 from the ashes of Afterlife,
With Fredrik Gunnarsson guitar Pether Svedjewik drums and Micke Andersson guitar.
They wanted to play harder and heavier music so they did some songs and started to look for a singer and bassplayer.
Henka Andersson ex Incarnated was asked to try out for the vocalist job and after the first rehersal they had a new member.
The new songs that was written just got harder and more brutal so they started over from scratch once again.
Since they had trouble find a bassplayer that fitted in the band Henkas bonus son Charlie Fryksell joined as a session,
Member (leadguitarrist in Amentia).After trying some bass players we at last found the right man for the job Henke Edlund.
Former Killgore who lives in Bollnäs same town as Henka 40km outside of Söderhamn.
After playing some gigs and work in the studio they found out that it was near impossible to get anything done as long as Micke was apart of it.
So after some discussion he was not welcome in the band anymore.
This time it did not take long time before a replacement was done with Sami Mäki from Skulldrain as the new leadguitarrist.
They did some gigs and released a 3 track demo while working to complete the first fulllenght album.
The demo was sent around and got some good response and after a while the band was contacted by immortal souls production and started to work with them.
The album is now recorded and waiting to be released and it reeks of oldschool deathmetal.
One video on Endless pain is done and they are planning to do a video for Angel of decay in near future.
As of now they are looking for opportunities to play live and have begun to write for the next album.

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