L.V.I. / Psychic Pawn – Arizona Dry Hate (Split LP) (Limited Edition Vinyl)

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LABEL: ThrashBack Records

RELEASE DATE: February 23, 2024

EDITION INFORMATION: Limited Edition pressing of 200 hand numbered units world wide. First 100 Come With An 8×10 glossy photo of each band.

After the release of the PSYCHIC PAWN anthology collection “Eulogy”, ThrashBack Records was contacted by Damon DeLuca, younger brother of former Soothsayer (AZ) vocalist Steve Parsons (who had passed away in 2019), about doing an anthology release for his brothers former band, which we released in March of 2022. During the time that release was being put together Damon shared a nearly three hour compilation with us that he curated along with Nikos Michas, former guitarist with Phoenix thrashers Mizery (yes, we’re trying…), that covered Arizona’s underground metal scene from 1985-1995 titled “Arizona Dry Hate”.

Fast forward to 2023 and we have released anthologies and straight reissues from a handful of the bands included in that compilation: L.V.I., LURCH KILLZ, RECKLESS ABANDON (as well as the aforementioned PSYCHIC PAWN and SOOTHSAYER). This in turn sparked an idea for a split release (and a potential “series”), so we asked Damon if we could title it after his homage to his home states scene, and this release was born.

This first (and hopefully not the last) volume in our “Arizona Dry Hate” series features Mesa’s L.V.I. (LOUD VERBAL INSANITY) with their 1991 demo “Mentally Embalmed” (which we released on CD in June of 2022) on the A Side, and Phoenix’s PSYCHIC PAWN with their 1992 demo “Wake of Entity” (which was included on the double CD release “Eulogy: The Complete Anthology” which we released in June of 2021) on the B Side. All audio was mastered specifically for vinyl by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound.

Pressing is strictly limited to 200 units “worldwide”. The first 100 units come with separate glossy 8×10 photos of each band . All copies will come with a glossy show flyer reproduction, full color insert with lyrics and art that corresponds with each bands ThrashBack CD release, and a hand numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

1. Blind Ambitions
2. Images
3. Let Us Prey
4. Menacing Prophecy

1. Somniferous Putrescence
2. Cholera Morbus
3. Perils Of Deformity

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