Kraanium – 2007 & 2008 Demos – Black Cover + White Cassette

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OUT NOW! Released May 1st, 2020.

Kraanium. What else needs to be said if you like brutal music?

These two demos from 2007 & 2008 are what started the band and got them signed to their first deal.

CDN is releasing a black cover with white cassette and a black cassette with white cover for this re-issue. Both tapes contain the same 2007/2008 demo recordings, the colour choice is yours.

This is the black cover version with a white cassette inside.

Side A

  1. Shithead
  2. Aborted S.O.B.
  3. No Respect For The Dead
  4. Midgetfucker

Side B

  1. Midgetfucker
  2. Rectal Disembowelment
  3. Pleasure Through Horrendous Torture
  4. Perverted Sensation
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