Kobold – Technofascism

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The Balkan country of Serbia has been described as bedraggled yet thriving… a place of much beauty that is also war torn and toxic. Such a perfectly poetic breeding ground for thrash and speed metal, wielded by the landlocked nation’s strongest, KOBOLD.
The band is set to release their third full length album “Technofascism” on Jackhammer Music and it promises to be their heaviest and most ambitious. No small feat for this trio that has developed a new vicious approach to the metal they love. It is a fresh take on speed and thrash that draws from the elders (Exodus, Mercyful Fate, Anthrax) but forces the music to evolve. Fans will also hear a heavy German influence (Living Death, Kreator). The riffs are fast and brutal, heavy and technical that can at times amaze! Killer drumming, and shredding riffs and bass. On top of that…..real live solos that would make Kirk Hammett and Gary Holt proud. Guitars are handled expertly by Elio Rigonat, who also sings with an amazing ferocity. He has an uncanny ability to utilize almost three different voices to terrorize the listener, including a higher range John Connelly (Nuclear Assault) attack that really sets him apart. Why do we keep naming all these bands?!?!? Because KOBOLD is difficult to acutely describe, and that’s what makes them great! They’re truly unique, and in the ranks of Arch Enemy and Toxic Holocaust. Hellishly great!
“Technofascism” also promises numerous special guests from the Serbian metal, punk and hardcore scene.

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