Internal Rot – Grieving Birth

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Internal Rot – “Grieving Birth” cassette released by Headsplit Records! Internal Rot’s long awaited second album ‘GRIEVING BIRTH’
ups the ante and is leaner, meaner and far more caustic than
anything they’ve done before. A savagely negative distillation of Excruciating Terror, Flesh Parade and the blind barbarity of a raging bull.
‘GRIEVING BIRTH’ is 22 tracks of non-stop, backbreaking, shredded knuckle grindcore, white-hot with fury and leaving you with no breath, no hope, and no chance of recovery.
Art by Xavier Irvine, Christoph Winkler and Vicky Morales. Recorded by Jason Fuller, Alex McFarlane and Xavier Irvine. Mastered by Mikey Young. L

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