Infiltrated Mankind – Inside The Apelike

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Infiltrated Mankind is a crushing technical death outfit originally hailing from the heart of Baikal Lake, Eastern Siberia reinforced by the amazing Florent Duployer (Kakothanasy, Anachronism) on drums, mighty bass power of Anton Zhikharev (Neurogenic, Fleshbomb) and Zlatoyar (Endocranial). Their debut album “Inside The Apelike” is a new reading of apocalypse through the bleak lens of misanthropic loathing. 10 tracks of intense and organic sounding tech-death for fans of Decrepit Birth, Spawn Of Possession, Archspire decarated with a variety high speed bombardments, bewitching and atmospheric melodies, severe grooves and stunning brutal vocals.

Infiltrated Mankind:
Pale – Guitars
Pest – Vocals
Flo Duployer – Drums
Anton Zhikharev / Zlatoyar – Bass

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