Infest – Addicted to Flesh

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The fall 2017 had just spread its wings & brought the unrestrained Death/Thrash Mania to your house and they had spread there everywhere! Why? The serbian extremists from INFEST had released at these time their 5th full lenght studio album called ”Addicted To Flesh” on Defying Danger Records as D.D.R. #024. That´s why! The 9 tracks on this album are an brutal assault on your ears filled with crazy riffs & hypnotic beats capable of transfixing any listener into a great frenzy. From the early beginning in 2002, INFEST caress the spirit of old school Deathrash Metal madness and until then they had released four full length albums, 2 demos & a 7″EP. INFEST, that remain again and again produced music on highest level, that is filled with the aroma of rage inside the Arrogance of Death and thrash, so theyr sound becomes incredible balanced and intense! Numerous fast Riffs which they play really will made woke up you and you will always stay excited. The aura of energy and full of aggressiveness that they make in this 31 minutes really impressive & far from boredom at any time. The Deathrash Legion 666 marches onwards into your living room with full force & the quartet will certainly continue to expand their cult-status. So be warned, this commando from Captain Vandal & co has a deadly overdose on Death/Thrash Killertracks on board and is ”Addicted To Flesh”!

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