Impress – Fortress

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The new album of the band definitely reflects the line-up changes that have taken place. Only Ivan Mikheev – the founder of IMPRESS – has remained in the ranks. The new opus becomes some kind of a bridge to the original sound of the band. Line-up refreshing resulted in more aggressive and straightforward thrash/hardcore approach. Evgeny Gusev (vocals) enriched this explosive cocktail with fresh emotions the band had been lacking before. The album reveals how the musicians feel about what is happening in their country. “Hoodwinking”, “You Will Die a Thief” – the track titles are quite descriptive. However the core of the album is formed by the songs about war, and there is a reason behind it –an attitude to our recent history (a theme intentionally avoided by society nowadays). The pain of our ancestors, the sacrifice they made for the sake of generations to come, the idea vilified by our contemporaries – this is a common thread of the album.

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