Impact – Military Ritual

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The second album of the Russian thrash metal band! The music of IMPACT is a quintessence of contemporary thrash metal, a kind of consolidation of the best traditions of the genre over the past 20 years! The band has preserved crystal purity of the style and demonstrates flawless performance. This is also the case for the new album: deep lyrics in Russian, melodicism and intricate song structures characteristic of such genii of the genre like KREATOR and TESTAMENT (this album will definitely hit the taste of the fans of these bands!) is multiplied by high quality of the record. However IMPACT does not try to make an intentionally antique and old-school sound. On the contrary, it sounds fresh and rather modern! The lyrics again deal with themes of war, armed conflicts and mans place therein. The CD includes the KREATOR cover “Death to the World” with Russian lyrics.

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