Hexen Hammer – Underground

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Archive release from the underground metal band. This obscure demo material from the late ‘80s/early ‘90s is now being made available on CD for the first time ever. The material has been remastered from the best possible source material with additional bonus tracks for your listening pleasure. For fans of Celtic Frost, Voivod, Venom, Cirith Ungol, and Nasty Savage

For years since Hexenhammer’s disappearance fans and collectors alike have spoken of the band as if some hidden secret and sought out any information they could find about the band, but little existed. Even recordings of the band were difficult to come across, and those available were often poor quality and incomplete.
Finally after all this time some light is being shed on this band of masked characters known as Hexenhammer.
It is important to listen to these demos in the proper perspective, bearing in mind when, where, how they were recorded. Certainly the Hexenhammer material is not of topnotch recording quality and to expect that would be missing the point of what this material is. These songs gathered here in this release are merely a glimpse of a truly “underground” band that in all their DYI efforts did what they could to create something unique for the time and place in which they were from.
These recordings are a time capsule of what could have been – and perhaps a look into what may one day be once again.


Underground 1990

Band members:

Ronnie Dean – lead guitar & vocals
Gene Davis – rhythm guitars & backing vocals
Kevin Montgomery – bass
John McClain – drums

All songs written by R. Dean

Recorded on 4-track at The Half-Haunted Mansion & The Jam Hall in Columbia, TN.
Engineered and produced by Andy Thornburg

Tracks 10 & 11 4 – track recordings from early 1992
Band members:
Ronnie Dean – lead guitar & vocals
Rodney Boles – bass
Chris Heiss – guitar
Billy McCord – drums
Both tracks written by R. Dean

Re-mastered by Jamie King at The basement Studios in Winston Salem, NC

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