Heretic Plague – Context Is A Stumbling Corpse

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Blending a wide range of influences into a savage cocktail of extremity, HERETIC PLAGUE was created by guitarist/bassist Adam Watts, an original member of cult UK grind band Beef Conspiracy. He is joined by his former band mate Tom Bradfield who provides vocals and beats for the project. Bradfield is also a member of the bands Repulsive Dissection, Twitch of the Death Nerve, Infected Disarray, and operates the label Grindethic Records.

HERETIC PLAGUE’s Context Is A Stumbling Corpse introduces a vile brew of death-infused grind with horror aesthetics in the vein of Nasum, Cryptopsy, early Brutal Truth, and Pig Destroyer. The album was recorded at Grindethic HQ, mixed and mastered by Tom Bradfield, and completed with artwork and layout by Bradfield and Midjourney.

…rips through you like a blade through flesh, and the horror and grind influences apparent in their straightforward death sound are familiar but welcome. – Decibel Magazine

The UK band cultivates an air of creeping madness on their debut album, toying with surreal subject matter. It raises the hairs on the back of my neck, but it’s an enjoyable kind of discomfort. Every track is a delightful exercise in weirdness… The album bounces from one demented riff to another, constantly changing up drumming patterns as it goes to reinforce this air of urgent, unpredictable insanity. – Invisible Oranges

…Context Is A Stumbling Corpse is utterly vile from the very first second to the last…Whether it’s to check that, yes, it really is that grotesquely heavy, or to prove to yourself that you can stomach the kind of aural torture it dishes out, it’s a gross and engrossing entry into the pantheon of deathgrind. – Distorted Sound Magazine

01. Bleeding Stump Marathon
02. All Eyes on the Grave
03. Skull Crawler
04. Context is a Stumbling Corpse
05. Bloated. Fly-Bitten. Dead
06. Briefcase Full of Cutlery
07. Pentangle of Broken Teeth
08. Ubiquitous Gore
09. Grandpa’s Hammer

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