Heresy – Blasphemia

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HERESY is probably the biggest name is Costa Rica right now (along with label mates CHEMICIDE) and PRC MUSIC is proud to welcome such a great band into the family. PRC is re-issuing the band’s 3rd album “Blasphemia” for worldwide distribution. The album is a solid mixture of heavyness brutality and the good old vibe of the mid 80’s and 90’s thrash metal… Technical, well written, catchy and somewhat intricate. Musically walking the path METALLICA, SEPULTURA and KREATOR walked years ago with their fist held high! Pushing the classic thrash to further extremes, HERESY is making it darker, bleaker… Profane.

HERESY is suitable for fans of Sepultura, Kreator, Testament, and “Kill ’em all”-era Metallica

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