Hellcraft – Apotheosis of War

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After 4 years of silence the Ukrainian death metal band presents its third full-length album titled “Apotheosis of War”. Just like the previous releases of the band the new album keeps with the best traditions of death metal: heavy guitar sound, crushing drums, aggressive and brutal vocals, lyrics narrating on war, religious fanaticism and inevitable disruption of the civilized world. These components create dark atmosphere and make you feel like in the epicentre of military actions. The album features Adrie Kloosterwaard – the vocalist of iconic death metal band SINISTER – as a guest vocalist on the title track. This CD can be recommended not only to fans of old school death metal but also to fans of extreme metal in general. The material of the album contains devastating thrash metal fury in the vein of SLAYER, spiteful vocals and aggression of early SEPULTURA and the infernal might of SINISTER and GRAVE!

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