Hate Beyond – Armed to the Teeth

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HATE BEYOND “Armed To The Teeth”
Hate Beyond “Armed to the Teeth” The

 legendary third album “Bonded In Hell”, which has been sold out for a long time, will be re-recorded by new members and the title will be released again. album. In addition to that, the place where the former vocalist “Jin” who was enrolled from the second album to the 4th album and entered the war in a hurry only for this album barks again is the highlight!
 This year, 22 years after the formation, the fierce and roaring cult slash sound that has been created by stubbornly defending the belief by releasing the 7th full album in total while experiencing the severe situation of repeated member changes is It continues to be highly evaluated internationally, and licensed albums have been released from numerous labels. This album also achieved the feat of being released by the major company “MORT PRODUCTION” which has released Cannibal Corpse in China.
 The edgy metallic guitar that keeps screaming like crazy, the sharp drumming of the South French master “Max” who confronts with the speed and technique of the threat that joined from the previous work, the phrase that held the key while orthodox The angry thrash metal band, which creates a strong sound image that is too cult by entwining everything with the base supported by, is a very valuable existence both in Japan and abroad!

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