Hardrocker – Rider of the Night

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Mexico… Travelers are praising the amazing beaches, excellent food and beautiful ladies… If you’re a Metalhead and you are not living under a pile of rocks, you know how huge the metal scene is over there. There are tons of bands, killer festivals, amazing labels and real supporters of the heavy metal art! The underground is vibrant and always expending… they don’t seem to care much for trends: Old school metal is king… so why aren’t there more established bands coming out from this mecca of metal? Well, once again, they are not supporting trends but following their own path… which is mostly distorted, brutal, heavy and often time “too much” for the weekend metal fan. This can be said for central and south American bands as well by the way. All this to say RIPRIDE Records is yet again very fucking happy to be working with yet another band from south of the (US) border… From the fabulous Mexican scene.

HARDROCKER is a one man band featuring Moy Härdrocker, a talented musicians who is actually playing ALL the instruments on this record… there is none of that crappy drums programming to be found on this exquisitely intense, brutalizingly raw debut album simply titled “Rider of the Night”. This Mexican classic’s coming out on CD through RipRide in late June.

Our man is playing the old school game and plays it well… his influences are obvious but it is, after all, the whole point in giving birth to HARDROCKER. The british gods of heavyness are at the forefront of the wall of sound storming out of HARDROCKER’s guitar and bass cabinets… MOTORHEAD, VENOM and JUDAS PRIEST, collectively, are the blueprint for “Rider of the Night”. Think of Cronos rumbling Bass on the magical “At War With Satan”… Think of the filthy high speed Rock n’ Roll-tinged demolition dirby akin to the classical “Ace of Spades” from the almighty Motorhead’s best line up ever… Think of Judas Priest’s pounding Metal classics for the more melodic guitar licks and leads. The mish mash of sounds could definitely be described as true British steel from Mexico! A more extreme version of the good old days… Harsher, more brutal, darker, grittier, noisier… and proud. Proud to be different, “too much for some” and not in any way following the “trend du jour”.

In lament’s term, HARDROCKER delivers some high speed blackened speed metal punk… and “Rider of the Night” is a must for true fans of the gods of VENOM, MOTORHEAD and JUDAS PRIEST and some of their devotees such as GEHENNAH, NOCTURNAL BREED and BEWITCHED.

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