Graveland – Celtic Winter (w/Bonus Tracks) + Slipcase

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One of the most hateful black metal bands of all time!! The sound, atmosphere, lyrics, and raw aggression of Celtic Winter can easily conjure up some of the most hateful emotions,and over most of the highest regarded black metal bands of the lastfew decades. Be swept into the total death spirit of early Graveland.
Superior re-release of this killer cult of material from Graveland. First time use of an alternative mix not heard before by the public! Includes Bonus Tracks!
The re-release includes many unreleased photos and is enriched with new graphic design with a 20 page booklet. Includes a classy CD-slipcase with the insert of the original CD booklet for nostalgia! You can also read comments from Nergal/Behemoth, Knjaz Varggoth / Nokturnal Mortum, Ash / Nargaroth and many others.

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