Giant of The Mountain – The Empty Quarter (Digi Pak)

$9.00 CAD

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Like the beast of seven heads emerging from the darkest depths of the ocean, Giant of the Mountain has ascended upon mankind with its crushing delivery of Blackened Progressive Death Metal. Giant of the Mountain was created in late 2008 by Cody Daniels and Randi Matejowsky with an idea to form a musical genre unlike any other. Amidst shredding solos and heavy bass lines, Giant of the Mountain’s eclectic influences of blackened, progressive, death, and doom metal come together to create an alluring and enigmatic style. Joining the Guitarist/Vocalist Cody Daniels and Drummer Randi Matejowsky in 2013 is Bassist/Vocalist Alexander Salazar (DeadTooth, The Earth Dies Screaming). This new addition brought to the altar of the great eye of the night adds a new depth to the vocals, and a foundation of bass GOTM has never seen before. Giant of the Mountain will only continue to grow from here and bring their unique vision of music with their newest release,