Gerogot – Heading to Eternal

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Unrelenting supreme brutality Coming from the beast from the east… Combining ferocity with killer arrangement that well crafted by skillfully musicians… This second installment will pulverise everything in sight… Top notch Brutal Death Metal at its best.
( Krisna Bhaskara – Agency / Metal Enthusiast )

After bring the nasty destruction on “Heinous Interstellar Malformations” 4 ways split, this beast come back delivering the tight brutality with supreme desolation on 9 tracks. Contains the maximum Heavy, Fast and Pure of horrific stuctures in excellent production they stepped to a higher level of sickness, you will be surprised by all the perfection they have made here. Fully eargasm for fan of classical and nowdays BDM. Dont you dare to skip this masterpiece!

Complexity, brutality, aggresion! Low guitar tone with lots of complex chromatic riff parts mix with the bassline punch your brain to bleed, sick guttural fill the madness perfectly, and drum is the most insane and genious. They bring their music stye into higher level. GEROGOT! these mother fuckers know how to make your ear bleed with their venomous brutality.
( Josh – Asphyxiate )

GEROGOT, one of the local bands whose the movement progress I always observe, with this album, will set a new standard in playing death metal with high level of complexity, but still they never abandon the aggresive elements that a death metal music should need to embrace. This is a flawless album in every aspects, from the designed concept to the modern sound production, heavy and grandiose. This album will be the Indonesian bands’ dream, and a sharp trigger for
the brutal death bands in Surabaya region. GEROGOT is a new local hero!!

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