Gastrorrexis – Realm Savagery Decimation

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Realm Savagery Decimation 10.12.18 Coyote Records COY 197-18
Gastrorrexis a Brutal Death Metal band, formed in 2002 in the city of San Gabriel – Ecuador. Our thematic of music is discover the violent and grotesque side of the human being the evil that has in his blood and the processes for the extermination of everything, from that side our music emerges.Our current lineup is Romel (Voz), Carlos (Guitar), Alex (Bass), Camilo (Drum) (Colombia),In mid-September the recording of the new album “Realm Savagery Decimation” begins of 2018, he recorded with Camilo Moreno (Colombia – Solegnium) the drums on Rotten Bowels Records,and the other instruments, to then mix and master in House of Gain Studio (Canada), we have played in several festivals with all the bands of EBDM “Ecuadorian Brutal Death Metal” festivals such as Pulverizer Brutal Fest, Texas Brutal Fest, Rotten Bowels Death Fest and participated in concerts in Colombia, shared stage with Devourment, Disgorge (Usa), Vital Remains, Masacre(Col) Putrid Pile, Blood Red Throned, Suppuration, Massacre (Col), Abadon Incarnate, Benediction, Malevolent Creation, Amputated Genitals,Internal Suffering, Impure Faith, Corpse Decay, Bacteremia, ColdBlood, Visceral Slaughter… our discography is Demo 2002, Broken Face 2003 Demo, Blood Splatter 2006… more
released December 10, 2018

Like:Inveracity, Gorgasm,, Disavowed, Deeds of Flesh, Pyaemia, Hate Eternal, Inherit_Disease

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