Folkearth – Songs of Yore (Acoustic)

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Folkearth was formed as an international all-star folk metal and has over 30 contributors from more than seven different countries.
The three last songs are bonus tracks.

-Belgium: Roman Samonin, Ralf Goosens
-Croatia: Vojan Koceic
-Germany: Morten Basse
-Greece: Marios Koutsoukos, Stefanos Koutsoukos, Polydeykis, Thanasis Karapanos,
Hildr Valkyrie, Faethon, Nikos Nezeiritis
-Lithuania: Ruslanas
-North Italy: Ulven, Raven, Axel
-Norway: Haavard Tveito
-Russia: Orey, Vetrodar
-Spain: Autumn, Winter, A. Mansilla, Jose Luis Frias, Jesus Sierra, GG Karman,
A. Pangin
-Sweden: Magnus Wohlfart, Simon Frodeberg, William Ekerberg
-United States of America: Dreogan, Mark Riddick
01. In An Emerald Garden
02. Warrior Heart
03. The Purest Breed
04. Father Of Victory
05. The Iron Wolf
06. Remember Hastings
07. The Will Of Odin
08. What Glory Remains
09. The Forlorn Knight
10. Charles Martel
11. Homus Paganus

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