Fecalizer – Gore Galore

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Mex COY 161-15 Gore Grind
After 13 years of career, Fecalizer sounds better than ever, there’s no doubt, there’s no questions; better sound, better song writing and more Grinders than ever. Gore Galore is a 15 tracks master piece, a zombie massacre full of gore, shit and splattered brains… You will love it from the first song, until the end… of times!!!
1. Fecalic Ritual (Intro version)
2. Global Collapse (Feat. Marc Mixomatosis)
3. The Dead Shall Rise
4. Eradication of Mankind
5. Chemical Desincorporation (Feat. Kojo Tu Carne)
6. Original Grindstars
7. Vegetarian Zombies
8. Grind Terror
9. Postmortal Experiments
10. Human Waste / Human Shit
11. We are Going to Eat You
12. Eat my Shit Mother Fucker
13. They Will Rise Again
14. The First Time Ever I Smell your Shit
15. Gore Galore (Feat. Luisma Haemorrhage)

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