Fatuous Rump – I Am At Your Disposal

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Artist: Fatuous Rump
Album: I Am At Your Disposal
Label: Brutal Mind
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2023
Location: Taiwan

1. The Toilet Is The Person
2. Wherever We’re Opened, We’re Red
3. You Melt The Plastic In My Underwear
4. The Airtight Bag In The Freezer
5. Blood Is Really Warm A Lot Of Screaming
6. Looks Like Meat’s Back On The Menu
7. Sometimes Bad Babies Go In Timeout
8. This Is The Condom I Used When I Lost My Virginity
9. No, Can You Lick Them For Me
10. Everytime Was A Messy Failure

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