Fanatic Attack – Waiting to Rot

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Debut full-length album by Hungarian Thrash Metal band.
Raw and fast Metal between European and Bay Area style. Stripped down, simple Speed/Thrash Metal but well made and has some true musicianship behind it. Fanatic Attack are clearly influenced by early Teutonic Thrash Metal and early Kreator, Minotaur and Violent Force come to mind instantly. After recording a couple of demos and EPs it was just a matter of time before Fanatic Attack put out their debut studio album.
“Waiting To Rot” is charged with primitive aggression, roughness and an enthusiasm to Thrash Metal. The live feeling is delivered well, perhaps too well because the songs sound like they were recorded in just one take. Guitarist Põcze Ádám, who handles the lead vocals with a gritty approach, is reminiscent of younger Mille (Kreator) or Gary Markovitch (ex-Blood Feast).
For fans of: Dark Angel, Sodom, Exodus, Slayer, Tankard, Possessed, Razor, Anthrax and more!!

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