Enchantment – Dance the Marble Naked + Bonus Tracks

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Compact Disc
Jewel case CD with 6 panel insert including a foreword from Marc Gibson.

The cult classic debut, and ONLY album from Enchantment returns to CD in the US for the first time since 1994. 8 tracks of essential 90’s doom, plus the full original 1993 A Tear For Young Eloquence demo on CD for the first time.

1 Kneading With Honey
2 My Oceans Vast
3 The Touch Of A Crown
4 Carve Me In Sand
5 Summer For The Dames
6 God Send
7 Of Acorns That Gather
8 Meadows
[ Bonus Tracks ] 9 Yearning Antethesis (intro)
10 God Send
11 Lusus Naturae
12 Amidst The Mourning Wake
13 In Articulo Mortis Cogito Ergo Sum

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