Emortualis – Biological

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Emortualis started to exist with the name of Hellraiser in 1989 to play Death Metal.
After some rehearsals and gigs the demo tape “Written By Death” was recorded in 1991.
The band played some gigs in North West of Italy supporting some local acts and recorded a live promo during a memorable gig supporting Alligator.
The band stopped to exist in 1993 due to some personal problems, every single member started his own path, different one from each other.
In 2014 the old freaks decided to rebuilt and re-start the band, the line up has changed and only M, Fa and Azmodan remains from the old line up, but the spirit is always the same, Death Metal from the old roots of evil.
In January 2016 AS joined the band at rhytmic guitar and after few months the band entered
dEN studio to record Biological, a mix of new and early tunes higly influenced by the old Death Metal scene from the early 90’s.

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