Dissecting Flesh – The Impact of Cruelty From Extraterrestrial

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DISSECTING FLESH The Impact of Cruelty From Extraterrestrial CD COY 242-21
Slam Brutal Death

01. Хищническая жестокость feat. Vlad & Red Beton from Extermination Dismemberment
02. Excorticate Of Human Body
03. Extirpation The Parasitic Human Form
04. Xenophage Disintegration feat. Kevin Petersen from Acranius
05. Abortive Annihilation

Indonesia – is a quality mark for fans of extreme death metal! Confirming these words, new Indonesian slamming brutal death metal brigade DISSECTING FLESH releases on COYOTE RECORDS their debut album «The Impact Of Cruelty From Extraterrestrial» 10 April 2021. Two songs on this album performed in collaboration with musicians of EXTERMINATION DISMEMBERMENT и ACRANIUS. In addition to the above-mentioned groups, the album is intended for fans of CEREBRAL INCUBATION, TRAUMATOMY, EPICARDIECTOMY and other traditional slamming brutal death metal bands

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