Disgorged – Complete Discography (LP)

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Transparent Red LP
Limited to 300 copies
Release Date: September 10th, 2024

CDN Records has dredged up the most foul of New York old school death metal. Finally released on vinyl for the first time, “Thy Hideous Wake” and “Breed for Me”, together on clear red vinyl. The beginnings of brutal from Rochester.

Side A – Thy Hideous Wake:

  1. Master of the Larvae
  2. Cultivation of Ferocious Decay
  3. Infesting the Nest of Incubation
  4. The Wretch Erupts Insectus

Side B – Breed for Me:

  1. Pulverized Mortification
  2. Cultivation of Ferocious Decay
  3. Horrid Excruciation
  4. Digestion of the Metamorphical Feast
  5. Breed for Me… The Putrid Afterbirth
  6. Infesting the Nest of Incubation

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