Devilz By Definition – The Devilution

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Hailing From Ontario, Canada, Devilz By Defintion are a 5 piece heavy metal band that brings it every time.
Influences are Lamb of God, Pantera, Slayer, you get the picture.
Hard hitting heavy metal from Canada.

Band Bio:
Devilz By Definition is a 5 piece Heavy Metal band hailing from the tough streets of Drouillard with very different backgrounds and one common goal: to bring a new breed of Metal into the homes of as many ears as possible and take the live scene by storm. Since forming in 2010 there have been a number of changes but one thing hasn’t changed and that’s their love for heavy music. Releasing 3 EPs and working towards a full length album in 2016 called “The Devilution”, these guys are all about family. “United we stand Divided we mosh” is their motto, and the pledge to heavy metal is the very foundation on which they have built and fueled their incredible adventure.

Live performance @ Squirelfest in Leamington Ontario summer 2015

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Twitter: @Devilz420666