Devilgroth – Siberian Moonlit Night

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New album by the Siberian black metal band formed back in 2008 by the composer Ruslan “Aarsland” Akimov. After a short break the band returns with new songs. During these two years Ruslan “Aarsland” had written a book titled “Dungeon Synth: The Rebirth of the Legend”, released by the legendary Cult Never Dies book house. Now he is ready to present his new vision of Siberian black metal. “Siberian Moonlit Night” pays tribute to Siberian nature and its strength, that has been influencing DEVILGROTH throughout its biography. This music contains the knowing, that it belongs to this cold land. During the recording process, Ruslan was significantly supported by Jens “Mortüüm” Plokker (Netherlands), the drummer of such bands fike Countess, Illum Adora, Black Command etc., Per Albinsson (Sweden), the lyricist known for his work with Therion and Lord Belial, who has been working with the band since 2021. “Siberian Moonlit Night” is the most mature album in the discograhy of DEVILGROTH, that marks a new stage in the evolution of their sound.

Release date: 28.04.2023 | Format: (CD) | Genre: Siberian Black Meta

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