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2013 release with one bonus track and new cover artwork Los Angeles-based death metallers Derogatory was formed in the late 2010. Founding guitarists Christian Ordonez and Joe Viwatkurkul wrote all the early material with Chris later taking the position of changing the music style and riff writing even further with later material. Derogatory has seen three drummers come and go before current skin-basher Coyoton stepped in and bassist Daniel Alonzo rounds out the line-up. In 2011, the band recorded a demo, which spread like wildfire around their native Los Angeles. Derogatory specialized in death metal played with fury, speed and technicality. This 2011 3-track demo was re-released in the autumn of 2013 with one bonus track. The blast beasts support the technical riff massacre changing speed from slow to fast, back to slow again. The growls and screams fit perfect into the music and the leads are on a perfect level. If you like your music rooted in the classic, early 90s style of death, the Derogatory could be for you as they recalls the glory days of bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide and Malevolent Creation. Track listing: 1. Immortal Divine 2. Cryopreservation 3. Cenotaph 4. Twisted Aeon

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