Deathcrown/Ribspreader – Comorbid Diagnosis (Digi Pak)

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Deathcrown – members of Darkest Hour,Arsis, Mammoth Grinder and Iron Reagan
Ripspreader – Members of Edge of Sanity and Paganizer

DEATH METAL DEATHCROWN was originally formed by former and current members of Darkest Hour, Arsis, Mammoth Grinder, and Iron Reagan,
before shifting from a studio side-project to one of the busiest
DIY touring bands in underground metal over the past 2 years.
This will be their sophomore release, a follow up to 2016’s
underground acclaimed “Living Hell” EP.
RIBSPREADER is a Trans-Atlantic band originally formed by members
of Edge Of Sanity and Paganizer. This band also boasts notable
players from other powerhouse groups like The Absence,
Necromancing The Stone, Echelon, and Revolting. This represents
the band’s 11th studio release since their inception in 2003.

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