Dargonomel – Rebelliant Daemonis

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After three years of calm, the giant shadows illuminating the sacred road that leads to death with funeral fires began to grow on the wolf paths. Frantic pulsation in the veins makes the angry call for the fallen increasingly clear. The rebellious demons of ‘Rebelliant Daemonis’ rip the seals of life off to the sound of the hooves of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, to the creak of the Dead Tree of Chaos and to the buzzing of the locusts of Abaddon, forcing the last angel to sound the melody of oblivion over the ashes. The fragile bowls of fear are about to crack from shamanic rhythms of the drum section. Chthonic legions raise the banners of the beast to the sky blackened by the shine of the Satan’s crown. The emanation of the highest Evil from the loins of Lilith. On the fourth album of this Russian band the combination of furious and evil black/death metal with occult themes reaches a new level. Truly mature, dark and professional work from the masters of the genre!

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