Crucifer – Hell Is For The Hopeful

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Death/Thrash Metal from Fredericksburg, Virginia, U.S.

New 12 track Crucifer album ‘Hell Is For The Hopeful’ out now on Pathologically Explicit Records! Crucifer is a death metal band that formed in 1990. Crucifer is Stevie Snyder bass, Brian Ronquest guitar and Jeff Riddle drums/vocals. Crucifer was active and signed to Wild Rags Records from 1991-1996. Crucifer released several albums during this period. 1990’s Beyond the Realms demo, 1991’s Festival of Death, 1991’s Pray for the Dead, 1993’s Pictures of Heaven and 1994’s Separation. Crucifers entire back catalog has been reissued on CD and vinyl and is available now.

Torture, Life, Death

1. Soul Within 03:07
2. Green with Envy 03:10
3. Deity in Black 04:21
4. Arbeit Macht Frei 03:08
5. Vainglory 03:50
6. Pearls Before Swine 03:33
7. Sickly Divine 04:16
8. Laughing as I Suffer 03:18
9. Beneficence in Grace 05:06
10. Vamachara 03:36
11. Bury the Breathless 04:53
12. Airlane 03:19

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