Coffin Mulch – Spectral Intercession (Cassette)

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Spectral Intercession” is the greatly anticipated debut full-length album from Scotland’s death metal degenerates COFFIN MULCH!!!

Formed in 2018, the band self-released their debut demo in 2019, which they followed up with an EP in 2021. “Septic Funeral” generated lots of buzz in the metal underground. The noise that they unleashed had obvious odes to Swedish legends Entombed and Dismember, but it was rawer, more unhinged and with the fury of old school hardcore punk.

2 years later the band picks up where they left off on “Septic Funeral,” dealing out 30+ minutes of their signature ferocity. “Spectral Intercession” contains 8 tracks of agonizing screams atop buzzing HM-2 riffs, with tempos that move from death punk speeds to stomping doom breaks.

COFFIN MULCH have truly outdone themselves with “Spectral Intercession.” This is death metal for fans of death metal. No gimmicks. No trendy bullshit. Just pure, unadulterated DEATH!

Released June 30, 2023

The USA version of the cassette features an alternate layout and cover than its UK-released counterpart (Dry Cough Records), as well as exclusive shell color variants.

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