Coffin Dust – Everything is Dead

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Everything Is Dead firmly establishes Philadelphia’s COFFIN DUST as a force to be reckoned with in the Death Thrash scene. With the band’s second full-length, thrash and horror-inspired death metal are expertly melded into a sound that is infectious and stacked with memorable tracks. Vocalist/Guitarist Matt Slime (ex-EXHUMED) works in his signature low end death growls with high end, blood-curdling screams, weaving horror themes into pummelling doses of death metal riffs and thrash solos. COFFIN DUST show tremendous improvements in sound and composition with Everything Is Dead, and those familiar with the band’s debut, This Cemetery, My Kingdom will be blown away by the shear energy and the to-the-throat approach that this second album brings to the table.

Track List
1. Serrated 1:03
2. Gore Ensemble 7:27
3. Commander Exhumer 3:01
4. Stiff and Cold 6:07
5. The Living Coffin 2:27
6. Metal Storm/Face the Slayer (Slayer Cover) 5:19
7. Everything Is Dead/Outro 9:31

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