Chronicles of Mosh – SoulGrinder Zine Compilation CD

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THRASHBACK RECORDS is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Pennsylvania’s SOULGRINDER ‘ZINE on this collection of 15 of the undergrounds most brutal purveyors of pure Thrash insanity.

“Chronicles of Mosh” features an onslaught of some of the most crushing Metal that North and South America have to offer. Absolutely no posers allowed!!!

This release is extremely limited to 150 units available for sale (the other half went directly to the bands). Package includes a 12 page booklet.

FOR FANS OF: Kreator, Slayer, Warbringer, Municipal Waste

1. THE DONNER PARTY (U.S.A.) “Serial Thrasher”
2. PERPETUAL WARFARE (Columbia) “Realidad Maldita Realidad”
3. AXECUTER (Brazil) “Collecting Enemies”
4. KRAKEN (Peru) “Knife Man”
5. EVIL ARMY (U.S.A.) “No Escape From The Attack”
6. VIDEO MASSACRE (U.S.A.) “Rampage”
7. FATAL AGENT (U.S.A.) “Pain Asylum”
8. DISTRUPTOR (Peru) “The Last Day”
9. INSANITY’S REIGN (U.S.A.) “No Warning”
10. CHAINS OF BELMONT (U.S.A.) “Governmental Abuse”
11. PARALYSIS (U.S.A.) “Misery”
12. AZOTADOR (Bolivia) “Ceremonia De Posesion”
13, DICK VOMIT (U.S.A.) “Tree Rape”
14. CATHARSIS (U.S.A) “Ritualized”
15. EL PACADO (U.S.A.) “Mi Salvacion”

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