Chemicide – Inequality

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Costa Rica’s best thrash export is gearing up to take the world by store with its 3rd full length album for PRC MUSIC in roughly 4 years! The stellar new album entitled “Inequality” is taking the very best elements of the band’s previous work and give it more personality! Heavier, definitely fucking aggressive, groovier and oh so catchy, “Inequality” is destined to be a modern classic for everybody into the old school thrash revival phenomena! This being said, rest assured CHEMICIDE is far from being “just another band” and this new outing will prove once and for all the quartet is here to stay and is sharper than most new bands coming out within the same genra… CHEMICIDE is definitely a band you need to investigate specially if you are going nuts over the good old sound of the Bay Area and Teutonic thrash scene… think Testament, Kreator, Destruction, old Metallica… this band is just fucking AWESOME!

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