Chaos Synopsis – “Art of Killing”

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comes with a limited edition slipcase, “Art of Killing” names the second album of CHAOS SYNOPSIS. The album deals with motives, modus operandi and life stages of 9 serial killers across the globe. Musically, “Art of Killing” is an evolution of the mix between Thrash and Death metal the band ever made​​, including in this mix ideas brought of other musical styles, including rock ‘n roll and Hard Rock. Recorded and mixed at Oversonic Estudio and mastered by Andy Classen (Krisiun, Belphegor, Destruction) the album will be released in Brazil by LaB6 Music in Europe again by the Polish label Wydawnictwo Muzyczne PSYCHO. The band complete its eighth year in 2013, collecting great achievements during this period. Having released the EP Garden of Forgotten Shadows in 2006, Chaos Synopsis did their first shows, becoming a power trio in 2008 and recording a promo 2100 AD. In 2009 the release of the debut “Kvlt ov Dementia” elevated the status of the band, leading the same to do several shows with devoted bands of the scene as tours within and outside the country, as the “Polish Dementia Tour”. “Art of Killing” comes to put the name Chaos Synopsis as a major force in Brazilian Extreme Metal.

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